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MODUGUARD Booster (150g)


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Organic superfood infused immune support formula with Moducare®, vitamin C and D, NAC, zinc and selenium

Moducare® MODUGUARD Booster is a convenient and delicious blend of immune-supportive nutrients, designed for those looking to optimize their daily immunity and well-being.

Moducare®’s proprietary sterol and sterolin complex in a ratio of 100:1 helps to support the immune system. In combination with organic superfood powder, immune-supportive vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as minerals NAC, zinc and selenium, this formula makes immune-supportive nutritional supplementation easy.

Every serving contains:
• 2000 mg Organic Superfoods
• 678 mg Moducare®
• 1000 mg Vitamin C
• 1000 IU Vitamin D
• 600 mg NAC
• High in Zinc
• High in Selenium

30 x 5g SERVINGS


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